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When returning to face to face sessions, it is important that we take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of ourselves, our families and others who attend the clinic.

In accordance with Government guidelines, I have put the following policy into place. Please read it carefully and if you are in agreement, please sign and return to me or email me with your agreement.

  • Please do not arrive early for your session. On arrival, press the bell and wait outside, I will either buzz you in (Sanderstead) or come and let you in (Godstone)

  • Please avoid touching any handles and allow me to open / close the door to the therapy room.

  • I will provide hand sanitiser for you to use on arrival and take your temperature.

  • Where possible and if confidentiality allows, I will keep a window open during our session.
  • I will no longer be providing water or drinks, so please bring your own if require.   If possible, for your safety, please use the toilet before you arrive at the clinic.
  • We will maintain a minimum 1 metre distance at all times, 2 metres where possible.
  • The wearing of face masks is currently optional, but this may change if the government advises it.
  • If you have a temperature or any symptoms, or if you or a member of your household or any other close contact tests positive for Covid, do not attend the clinic. We can go online or rearrange.
  • If I have a temperature or any symptoms, or if I or a member of my household or any other close contact tests positive for Covid, I will offer an online session or rearrange.
  • All rooms are well ventilated and contact surfaces are cleaned between each client.
  • Due to track and trace, I may be required to pass your details on to local health authorities. I will only provide the minimum information required and will give no details as to why we were in contact. By signing this form, you agree that I may do so.
  • This policy is in addition to our Counselling Agreement, not in place of.

The situation is constantly changing and I may add or amend this policy in order to continue to follow the government guidelines. Also, I may stop face to face sessions and switch to online if you or I feel unsafe at anytime.